bella1.jpgSadly, our sweet Bela has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Princess Bela was a big girl with a big heart, and a yearning for a soft lap and fluffy pillows.

She loved popcorn, treats, and most of all having a special person to love. She was a laid back little princess who loved to lie next to her people on the couch or bed. Bela loved pampering, and made a wonderful companion for her family. She was healthy and happy and loved being in the center of things. She had beautiful golden eyes.

Bela was happiest next to her people. Other dogs, cats, and older or just visiting children were okay with Bela and she was fine with visiting grandchildren on occasion. Bela needed a home where her people let her sleep in their bed and sit on their furniture, and treated her like the sweet princess she was.

Bela was well mannered, and ready to go to her furever home where she needed and expected to be part of the family. Bela found a lap, and love and snuggles and she rewarded her family with her love and adoration.

Bela was 6 years old when she was adopted in 2008 and and she was fostered in Idaho.  She will be greatly missed.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.