If you are planning on using social media, such as Facebook, or going through a rescue please make sure these steps are followed for the safety and well being of your Havanese. HRI follows these steps to assure we make great placements for our dogs. We stand behind every placement decision we make.

Here is what you need to consider to help ensure your pup is going to a safe and loving home. If you can’t follow all these steps, please consider surrendering them to Havanese Rescue Inc (HRI), www.havaneserescue.com. 

A rescue like HRI can’t accept every dog, but those we accept will be placed in well-vetted foster homes that will work on behaviors and health issues that limit your ability to find a home. We spend the time to ensure our adopters are getting the dog they expect.

Here are the steps Havanese Rescue follows to ensure every dog gets a great placement:

  1. List your pet’s needs and preferences
  • Okay with children?
  • Okay with other pets?
  • Needs fenced area?
  • Active vs couch potato?

Havanese Rescue Inc places surrendered pups in a foster home for a minimum of two weeks prior to adoption. That allows us to determine what is important for the dog and potential adopter.

  1. Get your pet spayed or neutered
  • Provide certificate of altering
  • Unscrupulous people use unaltered pets for breeding for profit

All HRI pups are spayed or neutered unless too young in which case an addendum is added to the adoption to ensure the pup is altered before the adoption is finalized.

  1. Get your pet’s health checked
  • Up to date wellness check
  • Up to date vaccinations and heart worm testing/prevention
  • Obtain medical history
  • Address dental needs and medical issues

HRI makes every attempt to obtain a dog’s medical history, address medical issues and inform potential adopters of ongoing issues.

  1. Create a comprehensive dog record
  • Food preferences
  • Toy and treat preference
  • Sleeping location
  • Likes and dislikes

When a Havanese is surrendered to HRI, we ask the owner to provide as much of this information as possible. The foster home makes observations and recommendations that are passed on to the adoptive home.

  1. Grooming
  • Bathe and groom
  • Free of matts and parasites

Havanese require grooming and maintenance. HRI provides for grooming if necessary while in foster care.

  1. Screening
  • Screen all potential callers/applicants
  • References
  • House check
  • Meet and Greet (if possible)

Havanese Rescue follows strict procedures to help ensure adoption applicants are well vetted, living arrangements checked for safety, and that applicants are suitable for a particular dog.

  1. Paperwork
  • Adoption contract
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Followup

Every Havanese placed by HRI comes with a signed contract. We are always available to provide advice or information. HRI will take back any dog we place under any circumstance for the life of the dog.

Re-homing a beloved pet is a serious commitment. Havanese Rescue Inc has the knowledgeable, compassionate volunteers available to ensure your pup will be placed in a wonderful forever home.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.