3 year old Bandit is a quirky little Havanese with a huge streak of determination to overcome any obstacle thrown in his way. When he initially came into HRI, Bandit was immediately scheduled for life-saving surgery. He had a portocaval liver-shunt that was surgically repaired and he is now looking forward to a new life of improved health. 

 banditwa2010A prescription diet, in combination with veggies seems to agree with him, and he is beginning to show much improvement.

Bandit has gained weight, in beginning to show trust in those caring for him, and has been accepted by the other canine members of his foster family. He missed out on much of his early socialization, so his foster family has been hard at work showing him the world we live in, is a good place.

He has discovered that having canine playmates can be entertaining, he is curious about things as small as a toy ball. The human caretakers offer of pets and cuddling is comforting, and  the world is wide open to welcome his exploring little personality. Bandit’s not begun to jump in headfirst playing just yet, but he is showing interest!banditwa_with_blue_bone

Bandit needs some dental work completed and he’ll have his liver values run shortly - in the meantime we are all celebrating each baby step, along with Bandit, who has already made huge strides since the day he entered HRI. banditwa_face_sm

Bandit is being fostered in WA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.